2009 Beneficiary

Matipwili Secondary School

Crafting Africa’s Future has selected Matipwili Secondary School (MSS) as its 2009 Beneficiary.  MSS is the sole secondary school in the area surrounding Matipwili, a rural village located five hours north of Dar Es Salam in Tanzania.  The 3500 inhabitants of Matipwili engage in subsistence farming and have no access to running water or electricity.  Although the primary school in the village is free of charge, the secondary school is not.  The vast majority of children who complete primary school do not have the financial resources to attend MSS.  The school charges approximately $200 a year in tuition; this fee covers all expenses associated with school, including boarding and supplies.  Currently, 120 boys and girls, ranging in age from 15-21, attend the school.

As the lone secondary school for miles around, MSS offers the children of Matipwili their only option for education and employment in the larger cities.  MSS has made an effort to provide food, health services, and counseling, but the funding it receives from the government is insufficient to meet its needs.  The school lacks both basic resources (like pens and paper) and basic necessities (students must carry food and water miles from the village to the school).  CAF’s donation will provide not only scholarships for children to attend MSS and complete their secondary education, but also equipment and materials for the school.  Matipwili Secondary School is a vital part of its community and empowers its students with the education necessary to secure employment upon graduation.  We are proud to have the opportunity to support MSS and help provide a better future for the children of Matipwili.