Struck by the poverty he witnessed during travels in Africa in 2007, then 15-year-old Daniel Seder decided that he wanted to help improve the quality of life in African communities.  To do this, he created Crafting Africa’s Future (CAF), a nonprofit that purchases African artisans’ crafts and reinvests the proceeds into a different needy program each year.  Crafting Africa’s Future not only empowers the local artisans by allowing them to provide for their families (each order CAF places allows an artisan to feed his/her family for a year), but it introduces these beautiful crafts to a broader audience, thereby increasing appreciation and helping to preserve a heritage.

Crafting Africa’s Future chooses a different cause and country each year:

2008 Beneficiary – Bana Ba Letsatsi
2009 Beneficiary – Matipwili Secondary School
2010 Beneficiary – Women for Women Int’l, Partners in Health & Gahaya Links