Dan’s Story


During an inspirational trip, Daniel Seder, then 13, was motivated by the struggles of the people of Botswana. He saw many of the local villages battling poverty and AIDS and found the people of these villages in desperate need of healthcare, education, and jobs.

An Idea Becomes Reality

When visiting the local markets, Dan was impressed by the beauty and quality of the crafts being sold at a fraction of the prices that could be achieved in the United States. He learned that these village markets were often the sole livelihood of the village people. His idea was to purchase the craft of the local artisans. He would import the craft to the United States and raise donations in exchange for these crafts. By purchasing the craft from the artisans on a regular basis, he would be able to provide a continual source of support and economic development for the artisans and the communities in which they live. All proceeds from the donations and crafts would then be re-invested in the needy areas of the countries where the artisans were living. He returned home with this idea and Crafting Africa’s Future was born.